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plastic rack in dishwasher

3 Dishwasher Buying Tips

  Thought I would share a few dishwasher buying tips with you. Recently our dishwasher packed it in, and I had to go out, and buy a new dishwasher. Never had to do that before. We bought our dishwasher our one and only dishwasher off our neighbor who remodeled his kitchen about seven years ago. […]

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framed bathroom mirror

Types of Bathroom Mirrors For A Refined Look

There are many types of bathroom mirrors you can choose for a more refined look. Not only will your bathroom look more stylish, you will also be using the mirror for everyday use. Most bathrooms have simple mirrors, but if you opt for a design that is different from the  classics, your bathroom is going […]

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picture of a bathroom with a floor rug

Types of Bathroom Rugs Things You Need to Know

When redesigning a bathroom, no one focuses much on the types of bathroom rugs, and instead concentrates on sinks, vanities, tubs, and so on. However, this should not be, because a bathroom rug can offer safety and prevent you from slipping on wet floors while also providing you with a comfortable surface to walk on. […]

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picture of bathroom fan

Tips for Selecting the Right Bathroom Fan

A bathroom fan is often used because it caters to your comfort and also improves the air quality by transferring the moist hot humid air outside. As such, the humidity levels go down, and you do not suffer from problems like steamy mirrors, pealing wall paint, mold growth and so on. So while deciding on […]

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remodeled kitchen with granite countertops

How to Remodel a Kitchen?

It is said that change is always good simply because it’s human nature to get bored whether it is following the same work routine, eating the same type of food or living in the same home for years. The best way to break free from redundancy in life is to mix things up for a […]

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fiberglass insulation

Basement Insulation: What You Need to Know

Basement insulation has become a norm in most of the houses in the country. Not only does it keep the cold air outside in winter but also it helps keep the cold air inside your home in the summer. Not only that it helps in maintaining an acceptable temperature, it also prevents mold and other […]

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